5 Best Practices When Selecting a Field Service Management Tool

The use of mobile-based field service management software is on the rise. Such software have become a necessity in almost all installation and maintenance companies and a hot topic in workshops and seminars. This surge in popularity is mainly because companies want to keep field processes more effective and smooth. Here are five best practices you need to adopt when looking for a field service software.

1. Know What Your Business Needs

You must first understand your business case. Consider the problematic areas in your business that need improvement, such as customer tracking, field communication and logistics. Once you know what your business needs, establish the software’s key performance indicators you would like to measure for each process. You may also ask your vendor to help you estimate your return on investment.

2. Involve All Your Field Technicians

While it is possible to determine the specific needs of your business from your own investigations, you need to involve your technicians for a comprehensive and accurate data. Ask the technicians about the problems they usually face while in the field. These may include communication breakdowns, lack of timely feedback and workflow interruption. You also need to show them the benefits they would get from using the field management software and listen to their comments.

3. Get Updated on the Latest Trends

You need to get up to speed with the latest technological trends in field management and understand what they mean and their potential effects on your business. Doing so will help you choose a field management software that will not be technologically obsolete after some years. So, talk to your vending company and let them enlighten you on the latest technological trends on the market. Ask them whether the software you choose can support such technologies.

4. Consider Customer Support

Your vendor plays a critical role when it comes to implementing and maintaining the field service management software. You will most likely have regular contacts with them, from the implementation process to maintenance and repair. So, make sure you get a company who is readily available to help in case you have a question or problem. Their support team must be there 24/7 to offer assistance whenever required.

5. Talk to References

A good vendor should be able to give you one or two clients they have assisted in the past. Try and reach out to each reference and ask them about their overall experience with the vendor. Let them tell you how long they have used the field management software and whether they have seen any significant improvements. Also, ask them how good the vendor’s customer support system is. Obtaining such information will help you to make an informed decision before you agree to any terms with the vendor.

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