6 Reasons You Need to Use Software for Schedule Optimization

Any given service day can unfold in unpredictable ways. The use of field service software will help reign in problems in scheduling that will improve productivity and make customers happy. Below are six reasons you need to switch to using this type of software for scheduling optimization.

1. High Number of Re-Schedules

Having to re-schedule services for a customer for any reason should not be a frequent event. Monitor these numbers for indications and trends that show a pattern of late arrivals, or missing the appointment time altogether. The ability to document these problems thoroughly will give you the information necessary to better plan and schedule workloads.

2. Arrival Times for Technicians Are Unpredictable

When the arrival times for technicians are becoming increasingly unpredictable, it indicates a problem with productivity or scheduling. Using software designed for field service industries will allow you the ability to monitor progress in real time. It will show areas of scheduling that is not allowing for enough time between jobs. The average length of time can be determined for all technicians and taken into account to avoid the schedule set in a way that is not practical. The technicians can contact dispatch to let them know of any problems that will make them late to the next location.

3. Unable to Get Ahold of Technicians In the Field

Field service software requires input from your technicians when they are at the locations and getting the work done. You will be able to see at a glance where they are as the day progresses. It is a hands-free way to stay updated without phone calls.

4. Intercommunication Between Technicians Is Difficult

Sending a more experienced technician to a job site can be nearly impossible if the technicians cannot communicate. Software for service industries will allow for intercommunication. Jobs will get done quicker and with more efficiency.

5. High Cancellation Rate Due to No-Show of Technicians

Without being able to know what is happening in the field, it is hard to make right management decisions. Jobs that end up seriously labor-intensive could mean the next customer gets skipped over. It is one result that can disappoint a customer and have them cancel.

6. Sudden Drop In Repeat Business

Another good reason to monitor field activity is a sudden plunge in repeat business. It could be due to lousy service, but it is often from delayed service. If a customer feels they did not receive good customer service, they will seek out another business for those services.
Investing in field service software is a smart way of gathering the information you need to run the business correctly. It establishes the foundation for excellent customer care and satisfaction.

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