Spring Cleaning Your Patio


Get The Job Done With Minimum HassleĀ 

Spring is upon us once again, and apart from the milder weather, the backyard barbecues, and the host of outdoor activities, that means it is time for some spring cleaning. An inevitable aspect of the changing of the seasons, spring cleaning is the time when we take stock of our possessions, get rid of unwanted clutter, and free up some much needed space.


A considerable amount of the work that goes into spring cleaning will have to be allotted to caring for the patio and the patio furniture. This is especially important considering that these pieces of furniture are utilized day in and day out for months and years at a time. As such, special care and extra attention is needed in order to ensure their optimal condition for a long time to come.


The first step in patio-focused spring cleaning is making an assessment of your furniture and taking stock of their condition. Are there any pieces that will need to be discarded and/or replaced? Can some pieces be restored to fully functional condition? These are the types of questions you will have to ask yourself in order to determine the best course of action with regard to getting your patio and patio furniture back in optimal working condition.


After you have determined which pieces of furniture to get rid of and which to hold on to, you can begin clearing the patio area. This will prepare the surface for sweeping and scrubbing.


See if there are any weeds that should be removed. This is particularly important for brick, concrete, or wooden patios, which can be severely damaged by weeds growing through cracks or seams in the material. You might find it most effective to pull the weeds out by hand with a pair of heavy gardening gloves. If you can manage to fit a small trowel in between the openings, you can prevent weeds from growing back too quickly.


Tile patios may need special care with a cleaning solution developed specifically for tile surfaces. You can find out what type of care your tiles will need from the manufacturer. Other flooring materials commonly used for outdoor surfaces can be cleaned with a simple bleach solution (50% bleach to 50% water), and rinsed thoroughly with water when done. Concrete patios can be washed with a pressure hose like the one used for cleaning driveways.


Pay particularly close attention to the cushions and covers of your outdoor furniture. Mildew can develop on these items and spread quickly. If necessary, you can use a commercially available mildew removal solution, and check for the presence of mildew in the trash as well.


Before you return your furniture to their proper place on the patio, make sure they are thoroughly cleaned. Some experts recommend spraying your patio furniture with a product such as Mr. Clean Outdoor Professional, which protects the surface from the elements. For harder to remove dirt and grime buildup, you may use a solution such as Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Outdoor Pro.