Enjoying Those Lazy Summer Days At The Cottage

There’s a picture perfect kind of summer day, and it’s all about enjoying a great book and a view of a lake from the ease of classic adirondack chairs. All you have to do it rest your feet, ease in and know that for just that moment, listening to the birds sing and resting in that favorite chair, all is good in the world. Yes, that’s what summer and having time away in a perfect cottage setting is all about.

Adirondack chairs reflect a uniquely American way of relaxing in nature. Whether a chair is rough hewn with a natural wood stain, or painted into glossy, sun-reflecting white, these chairs offer comfort and a real down home kind of beauty that’s truly classic.

The first Adirondack chair was designed by Thomas Lee back in 1903, while he was enjoying a vacation in the Adirondack Mountains. The quaint charm and easy feel of the chair made it an immediate hit with his family, and soon the chairs were a popular choice at cottages and cabins throughout the region. By 1938 the chair design was patented, and the rest is truly summer vacation history.

Today’s Adirondack chairs can be seen in a variety of styles and colors, but they all have that classic rough-hewn, eased back plank construction style that’s the key to their ongoing popularity. Though the classic original chairs were made in wood, whether with a natural, untreated look or a varnished finish, today’s chairs are often constructed in resins or polymer materials, to better stand up to harsh outdoor weather. All these chairs follow the original design, to offer that cosy cottage feel and down home appeal that’s proven so irresistible over the years.

Classic Adirondacks are often featured in interior design magazines and websites as a designer’s choice, due to the classic appeal of these chairs with their feel of true Americana. The design of these chairs also lends itself to a variety of settings, be it on a wooden porch or outdoor garden. The chairs’ classic look also gives it great variety as a designer piece, as the Adirondack style looks great in a variety of paint colors. These chairs dress up well with comfy, colorful pillows as an extra touch.

When it’s time for outdoor relaxation in style, don’t forget the classic Adirondack chair.

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